Suggestion list for the HOA

This is a list of received suggestions. Any responses from the HOA board members will be underlined.  (No responses have been received as of the below date.)

(Last updated: June 24, 2017)

Suggestion 1.) Allowance of signage and/or décor for single date events are allowable on the day of the event including but not limited to parties, patriotism, holidays, gatherings, announcements. Examples:  Happy birthday sign, directions to which home a baby shower or wake is occurring, neighborhood education, social gathering, meeting, etc.

Suggestion 2.) A large sign must be posted at the gate and/or at the board/mailboxes for the duration of the week before each HOA meeting as well as the annual voting night

Suggestion 3.) The gate to the bayou needs to be unchained for access especially to dog-walkers and fitness participants.

Suggestion 4.) Common area suggestion – Dog park–The back corner common area next to the bayou to be fenced off, supplied with a bench or two, and supplied with animal clean up gear to provide an appropriate place for leash-free pet recreation.

Suggestion 5.) Every communication from board members about any violations must to be presented in a civil manner with the homeowner/resident.

Suggestion 6.) If a violation occurs that is not imminently an endangerment to health or property, this is to be documented photographically and that visible proof of violation is to be included in the letter of notice to the homeowner.

Suggestion 7.) Members of the board are not to move or destroy private property without prior authorization from the homeowner/resident except in cases of imminent negative impact to health or property.  Except in emergency situations, board members cannot enter the private patio without the homeowner or resident’s authorization.

Suggestion 8.) All community communications from the board are to be posted on the bulletin board and the official website on the same date they are provided to the homeowners. Example: if something is sent via email, it also must be posted on the website that day as well as on the community bulleting board.

Suggestion 9.) Legal assistance (that result in a bill, “legal fees”) concerning violation enforcements are to be individually voted upon by the entire board. Verbal threats of legal action must be absolutely forbidden from any board member and cannot be tolerated.

Suggestion 10.) A suggestion box for homeowners and residents is to be placed in the mailbox area for ideas and requests to be easily offered to the board. The contents are to be discussed and acknowledged monthly at the board meetings and included in the minutes.

Suggestion 11.) A public website controlled by the board is to be maintained . The website will include the names and duties of each member of the board, announcements, and a monthly budget summary along with an annual budget. Any crime news or other information that is useful to the community will also be posted. Residents and homeowners will be given open forum access to post information or comments. This is to be updated monthly.

Suggestion 12.) Events that cause damages and stress to multiple homes (especially when an event is significant enough to be addressed by news stations) are to be addressed with a public meeting (formal or informal) within 7 days of the said event on site within the outer gates of Fondren Place Townhomes as safety permits. Issues that must be addressed at this meeting include but are not limited to: entrance/exit gate security, trash collection, debris removal, security, parking, insurance, and related costs.

Suggestion 13.) Board members must recognize that Fondren Place Townhomes is a community of people and that fostering a sense of community here will be especially beneficial both to the community and to property values.

Suggestion 14.) All board members need to greet passing residents/homeowners and present an approachable and respectful attitude.

Suggestion 15.) Property by-laws and regulations are to be posted and accessible at all times. This can possibly be in a notebook in the covered area of the pool or at the mail boxes. A designated board member will check to verify this is in good condition monthly.  Anyone who wants a personal physical copy of these can call the management company to pick it up or have a hard copy sent via US mail. There should never be a delay of more than one business day or any price involved in this. Each homeowner already pays thousands of dollars to be part of Fondren Place Townhomes Association therefore the price of copies of our bylaws and meeting minutes from the last year are to be included.

Suggestion 16.) Minutes of each meeting and a budget summary are to be posted to the bulletin board within 7 days and are to remain posted until replaced the following month.

Suggestion 17.) Any changes or improvements (that are not imminently dire due to property or health endangerment) to the common areas requiring more than 500$ in costs are to be posted on the bulletin board for a minimum of 30 days prior to beginning the work excluding the entrance and exit gates.  This gives reasonable time for every homeowner to express concerns and suggestions.

Suggestion 18.) Allowances will be made for minor rule violations when there is a potential for recurring personal property damage. Example – Residents/homeowners may, at their own expense, choose to elevate their designated parking level due to the recurring flooding. (It would be great if there was an approved option from a company that could do this for a reasonable fee that would be consistent throughout the community.)

Suggestion 19.) The number of homes owned by board members must be equal or exceed the number of board members. This can prevent owners of a single address monopolizing the board.

Suggestion 20.) Monthly board meetings should be held onsite, preferably in the pool area where they are openly accessible for attendance by homeowners as was traditionally done for many years.

Suggestion 21.) Early bird quiet swim time allowed for ages 14+ between 5am and 8am. Swimming or other silent activities only, no music, coversations (including phone), videos, etc.

Suggestion 22.)  All common area gates to be keyed the same and be accessible–no padlocks without scheduled repair, no key changes without all matching.   If the locks must be changed to a new key, then the price and delivery of supplying each homeowner with a key is to be included when factoring the cost of changing the locks.

Suggestion 23.)  Entry and exit gate dialpad/clicker(remote) codes are to be changed annually without exception, preferably the first weekend after the annual meeting .

Suggestion 24.) No noxious or offensive odors, conversations, or loud music (including car stereos) allowed in common areas. If your private activities involve these, do so within the confines of your private property in a way that it doesn not infringe upon anyone outside of your private property.

Suggestion 25.) Institute a code of ethics for each member of the Board of Directors to date and sign annually that specifically covers how they interact with neighbors, solicitation of proxies, and professional behavior.  These signed documents are to be posted on the Association owned website for the entirety of the time that each board member serves. It would be prefered for this document to be read aloud and signed at the annual meeting.

Suggestion 26.) Any board meeting must begin within 15 minutes of scheduled time. Any time spent socializing is only appropriate after the meeting is complete. If any meeting begins more than 15 minutes late, a handwritten apology that is signed by all board members present needs to be posted for 30 days on the bulletin board.  (This is to prevent intentional locking of the meeting room door in an offsite location where homeowners are made to wait outside and are not granted access as required by law.)