Election night – Annual meeting 2016

The meeting was memorable to say the least.

The board president, Mr. Terry Groce, was leading the meeting and many things were presented.  Mr. Groce was so impressed with this website that he even specifically requested everyone to write it down at the beginning of the meeting.  There wasn’t much time for questions but we did get the election of new officers completed.

We have two new officers on the board.  One is Ms. Esin Yapa from the back Wanda side, a professional accountant who has lived here for a number of years and is dedicated to cost efficiency and looking to make sure we have full value for our monthly dues. The other is Mr. John Antwi, also living on the Wanda side for the last couple of years,  originally from Ghana, has a degee in business administration and has worked for ExxonMobile for 15 years. He has valuable management experience and knows how to get things done.

Of course, our continuing board members are already familiar to us. Mr Terry Groce and his wife, Laura, having lived here for a number of years, have made themselves very well known and recognizable to many in the neighborhood. Carl Martin is our 5th board member, and has devoted himself to improving the spiritual plight of individuals in our city that need to see hope and possibilty in the future.  We in the community are excited to have a diverse group on the board representing us. Congrats to you two and, of course, to the rest of us for having so much potential in our leadership.


Here is a general summary of the events of the meeting.

Before the meeting began, everyone registered and had their proxies tallied onto their ballots. The line of participants extended to the doorway of the building. One homeowner passed out to everyone a collection of quotes from our 2005 bylaws and the official Texas Property Code.

There was some confusion amongst the crowd about the motion to adopt the meeting agenda and then the prior annual meeting minutes were amended with some concerns about validity from one homeowner.

The report of the officers began with the president’s report that included discussion of all the upkeep and improvements in the community over the past two years, replacing the majority of contactors, lamenting about the activites of our prior property management company (MASC Austin Properties), the passing out and reading from two photocopied articles ( “Community Association Fundamentals” from the Community Associations Institute) (“Broken Windows and Broken Deed Restrictions”,  from Facets magazine).

Next was the financial report with a breakdown of the ways that the monthly dues are used. Everyone appreciates seeing information like this that was included:

235.00 per house x 130 homes =$30,550.00 – $19.775.82 Aug. Monthly Expenses = $10,774.18

The security report followed with information that is publicly available from the Houston Police Department website. Some concerns were voiced about the accuracy of this since HPD often doesn’t even take a report about vehicle damage/robbery.

Our new board candidates introduced themselves (with the exception of one that was not present) and then it was time for the vote.

While the votes were being calculated, the time began for questions face-to-face with the board president, Terry Groce. Several concerns were voiced about things that have happened over the last year along with plans for our future.

The tally was announced at 9:52 and the meeting was then concluded .

Some individuals recorded the meeting and hopefully a transcript can soon be typed up and posted on the Facebook page.

It was a great opportunity for neighbors to meet together with a common goal and focus on the good of this great community.


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