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Question:  Was anything mailed out to property owners regarding this change of management company? I was unaware of the change and have made 3 months of payments to our old company. How were residents notified?

Answer: We received notices that were dropped over the back fences in August, and then this was discussed during the annual meeting. We’ve also received again last week some payment booklets and a letter explaining some details.
Please email Therese at KRJ Management at
or call her at 713 783 4640 .
It would also be wise to contact the former management company at Austin Properties (713 776 1771) to discuss reimbursement.
I looked at the city property records and don’t see your name cited as an owner here at Fondren Place Townhomes. Is it possible that you are mistaken about the name of the HOA to which you belong?
I hope you can get this sorted out quickly. Good luck!

Question:  Need a place for rent

Answer: Each home is an individual property. Some are rented out but most are lived in by the owners or their family members.  If you are physically present, you can look for a small sign displayed in the window but it might be easier to look online. Good luck in finding your next home.

Question:  What is your HOA board like?

Answer:  This is a tough one. The HOA board has changed drastically in the last 2 1/2 years. There are some board members that will be replaced this year and we in the neighborhood have had many dicussions about this situation. If you are a prospective buyer, please know that many of the homeowners here are very concerned about our community and only want the best for all of us. You can come survey the properties and talk to the people who live here. Friendly neighbors are often out enjoying this beautiful oasis from the rest of the city and you could get a realistic feel for the “vibe” of this community after talking to only a few separate individuals.

Question:  Can I have more information about the community and are prices avaliable?

Answer:  This community is made up of individually owned homes. Some are for rent, some for sale, and others are lived in by the homeowners here on-site. If you are looking to rent, we can suggest a couple of addresses that are possibly available. If you are looking to buy, simply searching a few realty websites would probably be best. We can offer to list any places that are available on this website, but since this site is privately owned, we can’t promise that we’ll be updated as quickly as a commercially owned listing.