Helpful products

Here at Fondren Place Townhomes, certain products fit our homes especially well. Here is a list of great items to consider.

(Please let us know what items have helped to make your life here better.)

1.) Washable Air Conditioner Filter -We’ve used this for a year and are impressed with how well it works.  No more remembering to buy them and they are super easy to clean.

2.) This is a great motion-activated light that we have mounted over the stairs. We use rechargable batteries that last about a month between charges. Cost is currently around $13.

3.) This is another motion-activated light. It has a magnet strip on the back that you can stick on and then use the magnet to hold it in place. We have them in the closets and restroom downstairs. Everyone who visits asks about them.  This style is sold by many different companies, but this one is currently around $11.